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This program is designed for individuals just starting their underwriting career, those with limited insurance experience, recent college graduates interested in underwriting, or those looking for a career change. The program provides a unique opportunity for participants to spend six months of dedicated time learning about insurance and the art of underwriting. They will learn about the insurance industry in general, all aspects of commercial lines of business, and the important job functions of an Assistant Underwriter. Training occurs in a formal classroom setting, through on-the-job training, project work, field trips, and mentorship with members of their underwriting teams. Through this training, participants will learn to apply critical thinking and problem-solving skills as they underwrite submissions and manage their work items.


While in the EDGE Program, individuals also will attain the Associate in Insurance (AINS) designation from The Institutes. We recognize the importance of formal designations as a way to build credibility early in one’s career and allocate weekly study time and reviews to prepare for the test.


Participants are hired as Assistant Underwriters, and by the end of the program, actively handle work items with their underwriting team.

EDGE Overview EDGE Overview

What Recent Graduates Had To Say

Steve Smith

"The transition from principles of insurance, to applying them to our book of business and the Nautilus risk appetite, to working on live accounts under the supervision of managers was very exciting. The six-month program went by very quickly, and the amount of material we covered is staggering when I reflect on it."


Steve Smith, AINS
2021 EDGE Program graduate

Sam Antonello

“The EDGE program is the premier place to begin a career in underwriting. The core skills and knowledge they provided me will stay with me my entire career, as they doubtless will for anyone who goes through the program. In addition, I cannot understate how phenomenal the trainers are. Their dedication to seeing you learn and grow is incredible – a dedication that you’ll find reflected in everyone at Nautilus.”


Sam Antonello
2022 EDGE Program graduate

Christa Markley

“So thankful to have had the opportunity to learn underwriting at Nautilus through the EDGE program. I came into the program with no insurance experience and came out with more knowledge and real-world experience than I even imagined. Truly an incredible program!”


Christa Markley
2022 EDGE Program graduate

Jacob Mohn

“The Nautilus EDGE program was very thorough and really challenges you to start thinking like an underwriter. From starting with the basics to working your way up to performing real job functions, you will gain the skills to excel at the AU role and beyond.”


Jacob Mohn, AINS, API, AIC
2022 EDGE Program graduate

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